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This is certainly the worldwide leading on the multihulls market today...

LAGOON shipyards have democratized the way of sailing on 2 hulls, and have allowed a large clientele to access to the catamaran starting at 38' ..

But today, the shipyards CNB in Bordeaux, who sign this superb range of sailing yachts, has decided to  occupy an important space on the segment of the 60' ..

Style, spirit, visual perception, layouts are more inspired by the world of motor yachts, the ranges of SEVENTY and SIXTY, sails or power, are simply the best proof !  Lateral balconies opening in the master suites, amazing spaces, comfortable crew quarters, some flying bridge which can compete easily with front cockpit, coloured hulls .. Well the magic happens !

The shipyard provides serenity and insurance, major landmarks today, time will do the rest : perfection in the finishings, research in fabrics, innovation, creativity ...

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