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Summer is coming : prepare your season

Summer is approaching and you have to prepare your catamaran for the season, anticipate any breakdowns, the big cleaning of Spring, overhaul engines, generators, circuits, do the antifouling... So many constraints, but guarantee of serenity!

Be careful : all subcontractors and service providers are in high demand at the beginning of the year, and prices can soar and deadlines lengthen ; so do not wait until the last moment.

Many owners are also able to manage the basic maintenance by their own ; it is less expensive, but when you have to sell your boat, you have to be able to justify rigorous and professional maintenance and this is sometimes which can be frustrating for a buyer to not to have a history of invoices ..

Selling your catamaran after the summer is also a solution

But keep in mind that she be quickly one year older, so the selling price will not be the same ; the clientele for end-of-year sales is more often dedicated to overseas destinations.

Some of you also take advantage of the beginning of the year to find the ideal catamaran ; do not rush and if the criteria are not met, prefer a charter rather than an acquisition a little too early ; this rental will also allow you to check the choice of the catamaran, the consistency of the program, and ensure that the family adapts well at sea.

Finally, know how to be accompanied by a serious broker who must know the market and the history of certain multihulls, detect anomalies, check general maintenance, ensure good traceability and good administrative formalism ...

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