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This is a real hot topic with the Vendée Globe coming to an end and displaying records : 6 women in the race, with Clarisse Cremer who finishes first in the category and the fastest on a round the world race ...

But how are they on a cruising catamaran?

Well wake up, she will often be the captain on board, especially on the sailing catamarans with long offshore programms, while the man will be the Chef in cooking which often makes smile. In general, we can see that women are a force of conviction on major decisions : anchorages, destinations, the guests to welcome, and more upstream on the version to buy : kitchen downstairs, finishes, comfort, elegance on the water, choice of design ...

The comfort at sea and the safety will be priority points.

The ability to be able to manage the catamaran alone in case of trouble and to be able to bring it back to the harbour, to think about the improvements to be made in order to adapt it to the chosen cruise program...

15 years ago the purchase of the catamaran remained a generally masculine decision ; today neni ! If Madame does not endorse, supported by children very often, the acquisition will not be done easily .... And if you wish you to live in harmony on board in family, everyone on board needs to find his proper place : question of compromise !

In short a big YES for some refit, but well prepared and thoughtful and quantified !

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