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Purchase and Sale of Multihulls

Leopard 50 built in 2024,
fully equipped for a world tour.

You are SELLER of a Multihull ?

CathYacht offers exclusively a limited selection of sailing and power catamarans and trimarans for sale :

. a dedicated marketing campaign, organized and calculated for
   the best efficiency and optimal results,
. serious follow up of any potential buyer, listening carefully to their
. a strong network of partners everywhere in the world,

. a special care and work to the specifications set up,
. at your sides during the whole process  from A to Z ...
Looking for a NEW BUILD ?

CathYacht has some strong connections with most of the largest Multihulls Builders : the assets, the weaknesses, the contracts, the building process, the follow up, the recommendations, sometimes the necessary arm wrestling ....

I will be more than happy to work
at your sides to make sure that
the catamaran delivered is 100%
matching to your  order ...
We can also organize preparation,
additional equipment, finance and
insurance recommendations, but
also registration and delivery.

Feel free to ask for our advice ...
 ☀   Another great TESTIMONY !

"With Catherine i bought my boat in 2015 and was always in Contact with her until now when I sold it in 2022. All what I can say is a phantastic performance, very charming and convincing both parties! Satisfaction is left on both sides, seller and buyer.

Sometimes there where difficult constructions of Registrations, Customer Services , part supply or service issues to solve. Catherine with her superb knowledge out of her experience with Alliura Marine and Privilege Marine and other Catamarans brands managed these problems with ease. Catamarans is her dedication and life. Her worldwide personal network helped us also in the Caribbean to find the right places and Persons to get the things done. Simply a wonderful experience to know her and to work with her !"

                                                                   Andreas W (Allemagne)


You are BUYER
looking for a Multihull which will answer to your own requirements ?

CathYacht International is a broker specialized 100% in Multihulls above 50' only, speaking French, English but also German !


Thank's to 30 years experience on this market segment and working intensively with shipyards, we know perfectly the market.


We will listen you carefully and our technical expertise and knowledge will help you to find your catamaran or trimaran, sails or power, whatever the location worldwide, thanks to a great network of partners.


Since 1989, she has acquired a strong experience serving builders such as Beneteau and Arcoa, but especially Jeantot , Alliaura Marine, and Privilege Marine.


Today CathYacht has built a strong reputation and is considered as a main actor on the first class brokerage business in Multihulls.


Catherine Relandeau, CEO


the brokerage selection

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