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Hard decision ...

We want of course as it will bring an additional living area, keeping them from prying eyes, we are on top of it, a location always fantastic during sunsets, lunch and farniente ; you will enjoy music and for the larger units, the jacuzzi, the bar, a kitchenette ; well a real living space !

And this is even better when you have a crew or at least a captain, as he will take of all handlings while you will prefer to be down ; and above 50/55' this remains very comfortable at see as the freebord remains homogen, passage at sea smoother and in consequence more comfortable at the fly ... 

Well I have just resumed : under 50' I prefer a catamaran without flying bridge for his comfort at stability at sea , the pleasure under sails (often less weight !) , her warmth on board in cockpit especially without crew, in family for example ... and on an elegance point of view on water, no doubt !!

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