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By nature, we are always quite reluctant about the exclusive mandate : we are bound to one person, everything rests on her, won’t we waste time ? how is she going to work? in short all these questions are legitimate...

Anyway the Exclusive Mandate of Sale has many advantages and especially with CATHYACHT, in a niche business.

  • a single contact person who centralises all the information and requests,

  • the assurance of having accurate and complete specifications in order to have an optimized presentation of the boat,

  • a full knowledge of the history of the boat, its maintenance periods, possible damages, sailing programm, in order to respond precisely to potential buyers,

  • the dissemination of the product and all the information necessary for its network of confreres,

  • ensure that the boat is distributed without duplicates on the dedicated websites and in a homogeneous way : the correct pictures, the good building year, the right price ; Unfortunately it is often the jungle ...

  • the offer of CATHYACHT is limited and very exclusive : it is part of a reasonable approach where we do not offer a hundred boats for sale, but only a selection of cruising multihulls above 50',

  • the accompaniment is complete until the final transfer of ownership, with the sea trial, the survey, the research of insurance or flag,

  • finally CATHYACHT is exclusively specialized in the cruising multihull, in permanent contact with the market and the main builders, which mean a perfect knowledge of the trends, value and prices..

For example :

A buyer may have the feeling of finding several Lagoon 630 for sale on the web, when there is only one ; This confusing information discredit the strong assets of the product and offers the possibility for a "smart" buyer to contact several brokers in order to bargain ...

It is not because you will sign an exclusive mandate with CATHYACHT that I will not be able to offer her worldwide, even if she is in the USA or the Caribbean.

Thanks to my "shipyards" background, I have a network of colleagues and brokers all over the world, able to assist me, to represent me, to allow maintenance or repairs when necessary, to sweep wide and to have a, homogeneous representation.

And be sure that a broker who has a central mandate will do everything to honour your trust and make sure to find a buyer ; he will struggle, he will invest in special marketing campaigns, he knows that the efforts he will generate will be profitable, that he will not see an unscrupulous colleague profit from your work at your expense ...

And this mandate is not signed for life ; so give a chance !

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