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Very good question !

Very often we want to buy a new boat to have exactly the latest generation model, with the desired options and expected finishes. But yes the price goes with and unfortunately the depreciation on the first 2 years can be important.

So a preowned unit remains the alternative :

The refit or refurbishment or standards updates remains from my point of view necessary when buying a used multihull which is more than 5 years old ; the use of sanitary facilities, lighting to standards, bedding, replacing sails, and why not change some of the furnitures, sofas, add a bar or extra beds, create some crew quarters, ... Well so many good reasons that require caution.

Even as a good handyman, you will need to ask to some professional subcontractors who will know how to measure the right decisions to be made, respect the structure of the builder, guarantee the works done. Whether it’s carpentry, plumbing, electricity, mechanics, electronics, know how to call on experts in their respective fields ; products are changing so fast today, compatibilities are not always ideal, and compromises are also challenging.

Take your time in order to classify your wishes and give priority to those that seem essential to you, give yourself a maximum budget knowing that you will not sell at a higher price your catamaran later, except for some atypical units, unique or very popular ...

In short a big YES for some refit, but well prepared and thoughtful and quantified !

PRIVILEGE 615 : before and after refit !

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