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CATAMARIS : 100% custom

Born in 2009...


We are 3 partners, all passionated of multihulls : german, dutch and french, we just cumulate not less than 80 years of experience and we are today able to assist any special client with reliability,  gravity and devotion.

CATAMARIS is dedicated to those who are looking for a Full Custom Multihull and we will help them to build the best compromise between architect, builder, design,  sailing programm and budget.

From 55 to 100', unique CATAMARIS !


How did you have this idea ?


The market of the multihulls offers today a very complete range of serial builders for all needs ; there are also a few one-off projects but which do not last in time. Now the trend of the multihull is so important and constantly growing up ; this will necessary create some new wishes, new expectations which are not applicable with serial brands. This is not surprising to meet an owner who had several catamarans, and who is dreaming to have THE one they want and which will match to their own personality.

And your associates ?

Rolf Kohlhas works in Germany in the nautical industry for over 20 years and he knows very well the market of the pleasure market ; Chris Minnee, dutch, has a serious technical background and he knows how to answer to professional projects. All three together, we have the advantage to confront different view in order to take the right decision.

So you have already built your first catamaran  ?

Yes the very first  CATMAR 6 has been launched in May 2017 and has just spent her first summer in the Med and on channels under engines only ;  Giani and Madeleine, the owners knew perfectly what they wanted : we have helped them to  make their dream a reality : built in aluminium, with powerfull engines and an extra large flying bridge, they live on board their 64 footer, just both of them without crew.


How do you define each projet ?

This could be curious, but one of the most important works is our capacity to listen at our clients, to know always more about their way of living, driving, their tastes, style of sailing .. We enter somewhere into their private lives ... From here, our respectives networks will allow us to build the Puzzle where architect, designer, builder, project manager, style will all match together, without forgetting the legal side, including type of registry and flag, but also finance, insurance ...

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